Tuesday, September 14, 2010

these days...

these days we have a "1" going on "3" year old...
a baby whirling into toddlerhood.
stingily giving kisses, fervently toddling around and climbing stairs.
getting into anything and everything
(oh my tiny tornado)
she is testing boundaries and
quickly learning the words "no" and "danger"
an imitator and copycat.
a sponge.
doing all she can to make her little voice heard
in a world that seems so big.
smart and
independent as ever...
bona fide yummy.
painting our world afresh with glee
one smile at a time.


  1. Amanda! She is looking so big...so "3" in these picts!
    So much personality, so much yummy!
    She is too much!!!
    Love you, Berlyn!