Wednesday, September 22, 2010

to bear much fruit...

I have so been looking forward to writing this soul is breathing in fresh air just thinking about it! This past Sunday we took the family to Hy's Apple Orchard. Our good friend Denise recommended this place and it turned out to be perfect...exactly what we were craving!
We visit apple orchards every year and always look forward to this time, ushering in the fall season together as a family. This year we wanted an orchard that was just orchard! We didn't need all of the bells and whistles and petting farms and temptations that so often distract us from our main purpose in visiting an orchard: to pick apples!
(and often take a whole lot more out of the pocketbook than desired)
It was a warm, sunny fall day...
and only took moments on the (free) hayride
for me to realize I was in...
I was awestruck at the sea of scarlet that invited us into the woodlands
of gala, macintosh and cortlands.
As stated before, we make our annual trips to orchards and have visited several over the years, but I have never seen anything like this one before. Lines and rows of tender abundant trees dripping in red.

And immediately...instantaneously
the imagery playing through my mind began to dance a fine dance and sing a high tune,
refreshing my heart immensely.
Reminding me that this is exactly as God wants us...
to bear much fruit for Him.
How when we stay connected to our Source,
He breathes abundant life into us daily.

And how when we disconnect from our Source, even in a slow fade,
we begin to chase after the forbidden,
the things that don't matter, that shouldn't reach our priority list
and that gradually entangle us...leaving us empty and lost.
and once this happens, we may find ourselves running away
becoming more and more distant
from Him...
and from others,
and from the life that He intended for us.
But the chase continues...
I'm learning over and over again that in these times of running,
even in attempt to protect our fragile hearts,
that He is chasing after us...
A pursuit of love

And when we are found...
when we see that He has been there all along...
fighting after our hearts and beckoning us to return...
there's nothing greater than to run back to Him...
to seek Him

and find Him as He promised
And in those times we understand that all along we have been
carried and led.
that He is our shelter,
our portion...
and the source of our delight...

And His goodness
satiates our very souls
I'm experiencing this now more than ever...
at a point in life where I have had to say "no" to many things that come my way
(in regards to spending money, resources, and my time)
And He is teaching me that He is more than enough...
I think perhaps I always knew He could be,
and believed He would be,
but I am living it now...
and it makes the struggle and the "no's"
something I am not sure I want to trade in anymore.
For life is so much more,
and I will continue to find joy in
waiting on Him...
and by growing in Him.

my heart is to the brim...

Thank you Jesus,
for the reminders,
for the promises you never break,
for your relentless pursuit
of the wounded and the wandering.
Take this life of mine
and let it bear much fruit for You.
Be my Source
and my delight.
Be my "more than enough."


  1. What perfect imagery to tell the story of your heart's delight this week! He is SO faithful & SO loving - we may be pressed, but not crushed, persecuted, not abandoned! You have tasted of the battle which is not against flesh and blood...heard the whisperings of a mortal enemy masqueraded as a friend. Oh, but our Jesus...He is a warrior God, and indeed nothing can seperate us from Him. He fights for we are still and trust in Him. Praising Him for your love story with Him...for your faith, hope, & trust restored & renewed. I love the way you weave scripture in and out of your posts. And the beauty of His pruning in your heart overflows and richly waters the soil of our hearts as well.

    And you must tell me where this Orchard sounds right up our alley. The rural-er the better in my book!

  2. Absolutely Stunning Amanda. Loved it and loved the truth so sweetly & poetically spoken. YOU Should definatly think about sharing that with more people, it may be a way that God could bless you and your family financially...sometimes we have to think outside the box. I am telling you it was that wonderful. Praying that if God is calling you to use your gift with words and imagery for him in some way that He will make it known to you. Just felt led to tell you that. All for Him, and for His Glory. Amen.

  3. with a little editing maybe a childs book??????

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart, Amanda. I agree, you should really look into publishing what you wrote. God has so gifted you! I am so blessed to be among a group of younger ladies who speak the God's truth in fresh ways. Keep sharing your heart witih us!

    P.S. So Glad you loved the orchard! It is definitely our favorite!

  5. thank you all for your encouragement...Woollard House, for reading my blog and offering words of wisdom, encouragement and love to someone you don't know that well, but still offer your valuable gift of time and encouragement even so. I am touched!

    I am always amazed at the imagery that God reveals to me through our "every day" thrills and delights me each time. never thought of "using it for Him." but i do find much enjoyment and fulfillment in letting those thoughts and revelations seep out of my heart onto the pages of my blog.

    that's also when those insecurities and doubts from the enemy creep in and say "you're not quite good enough" to do that.

    i'll squash those thoughts down and take your suggestion to heart and prayer.

    thanks again. truly...the Lord has used you all to bring me much encouragement.