Saturday, September 11, 2010

the ways of summer...

goodbye to the ways of summer...
backyard BBQs...
homegrown tomatoes...
garden-fresh veggies...
and produce stands...
sparkly kicks left on the ground=
a sign that it is still warm enough for
someone somewhere to be running around
barefoot and carefree...
where underdogs
are our daily norm...
and there is no limit to each new day...
where vibrant colors paint the corner of our world...
and lazy mornings greet us kindly...
...until a new season begins to beckon.

what a rich summer we have had.
urging us to appreciate.
one of the things i love most about michigan.
the winter makes me hungry for the spring
just as the summer leaves me panting for the fall.
each holding a beauty of its own and a time for everything.

"To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. beautifully said, friend. The tension between subtle grief over what is ending and anticipation over what is to come is at times so confusing for a feeler like myself. But I too love the seasons - their ebb & flow. The way they beckon us to live in the moment because nothing, just nothing, stays the same for long.

    Love this post!

  2. ps...those Kabobs look AMAZING! And the garden tomatoes...yummm! My Grandma used to eat them warm, straight from the garden, with salt. As as child I thought it was disgusting, but now...oh I love nothing more (except maybe chocolate & coffee). But with exit of the summer veggies (tears) enters my very favorite pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! Hooray!

  3. Coming from AZ, I can still say that the changing of the seasons is still oh so fascinating for me. The colored leaves - so majestic! The blanket of snow - so peaceful and serene. The buds and pops of color that come with spring - so hopeful and promising. The warmth of summer ... and the summer veggies - pure delight (well, the veggies anyway!). I am in LOVE with it all and the One who creates it all. I may have to do a season change post myself... But I don't think I can do it justice as you have! Love ya!

    (And, the warm tomatoes sprinkled with salt - de-vine. My mouth is watering just thinkin about it!)

  4. Well said, it has been a great summer. Loving the "cooler" sunny days though, this is the weather that could stay around forever. You are such a great journalist, maybe.....?

  5. perfect post, amanda. was that first pic from the knepper's? those kabobs look so good...

    i LOVE fall in michigan... and i'm going to miss it! so keep me updated with cool pics! :)