Saturday, October 30, 2010

mommy's little artists

our saturday morning

(this beats rushing out the door and spending 4 hours on a soccer field each saturday morning)
In everything there is a season.
Enjoying this season of mine.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Earth Angel, Earth Angel....

The one I adore!
Today was my little angel's kindergarten Halloween parade and party.
She was super excited for this day...too shy to ride the bus in her costume, so Daddy took her to school in the morning.
Here are a few shots of her before they left...
When all was said and done,
this little 5 year old even took mama's breath away...
she looked heavenly!

(her kindergarten class)
(posing for a photo for her teacher)
(the "triumphant" parade around the school)
and the infamous classroom party...
complete with brains, bugs, and eyeballs.
(all things non-angelic, but fun to the core!)
Loving this angel of mine, loving this life.

On a sidenote: God is good. He has been working, shaping and rearranging my heart in ways that were much needed. My circumstances haven't changed, but something inside of me has...and it feels like I've been born again. I was so tired of feeling discouraged, weary, and waiting and hoping for things in life to change. I woke up one day and something clicked. A decision and realization that He indeed is enough. He indeed is my delight. He indeed is my more than enough. I had been longing and praying for these things and He faithfully and generously answered. My circumstances may never change. I may continue to face trial after trial. There may not be a break from them. This may be my lot in life...and I embrace it fully. We have one shot at this lifetime and I was tired of wasting countless time, effort and energy wishing things would change and be different, looking for deliverance. It may not come. And I am completely OK with this and have learned to find joy in the now, in the circumstance, in this life He has given me despite the trials and reality that things aren't how I had dreamed or planned them to be at times. This is utterly liberating. Changed. Joy that comes only from Him. If you find yourself feeling burdened, heavy, discouraged...I urge you to take it to Jesus over and over and over again. Ask Him to do a mighty work in you. He is beyond faithful and will be with you regardless. Your circumstances may not change. Sometimes He calms the storm, sometimes He calms the child in the storm. He is a God that will absolutely never disappoint. And whatever your lot in life, you can live it abundantly and with much joy. Make the choice...choose Him!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

getting better...

a bed of safety and healing
(and to think, we can expect the same in the arms of our heavenly Father too)

"For I will restore health to you
and heal you of your wounds, says the LORD."
Jeremiah 30:17

thanks for the yummy prayers!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not a "yummy" moment...

Yesterday morning I was "putsing" around getting some cleaning and housework done. My little sidekick was following me around, getting into cupboards and doing her own thing.
When, all of a sudden she slipped and crash, boom, bang! My little baby was facedown on the floor with a broken sippy cup scattered in front of her.
When I picked her up and turned her toward me, I instantly knew this was NOT a good thing. The corner of her mouth had been cut severely and the gash was hanging wide open. It was a matter of moments before the crying, bleeding and panicking all began to set in.
Darcy was working and my father-in-law was outside mowing the lawn. I yelled for someone to go get him immediately and before I knew it, the two of us sped off and took Berlyn to the ER.
Many tears (from yummy and mommy)
and 4 stitches later, she was cleaned up and shipped home.
Who would have thought that a sippy cup/children's water bottle
could have done so much damage!
My stomach still turns at the thought of seeing Berlyn in this state.
It took more strength than I thought I had to remain calm and not get sick. Every time she opened her mouth to cry I thought she was going to rip the wound even farther down and my stomach somersaulted into panic.
I am so thankful my calm father-in-law was there with me.
Bless his heart!
The swelling has gone down quite a bit since yesterday and today I see a bruised/black eye beginning to color her sweet innocent face.
It could have been a lot worse,
and I am thankful for her resiliency and the wonderful care she was given.
Thank you Lord for keeping her in Your tender care.

"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.
For I tell you that THEIR ANGELS IN HEAVEN always see the face of my Father in heaven."
Matthew 18:10

Thankful for those angels...for His protection.
Praying for speedy, uncomplicated healing
and some happy yummy moments along the way.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I will give you rest...

It's been a long week. A week packed with busy-ness.
A week of fatigue. A week where I've been desperately in need of rest...
both of the body and the soul.
I once read a book by C.J. Mahaney (Humility: True Greatness)
that described sleep as a "holy gift" from God.
Think about it...God could have created us to not need or require sleep. But the fact that we need it to restore our bodies and our minds is just a reflection of our daily dependence on Him. We can choose to receive sleep as a holy gift from Him by acknowledging Him before we lay our heads down each Him glory for the day and admitting our dependence on Him to refresh and restore our weary bodies and spirits through the night. And then we can greet Him in the morning with praise for the rest He has granted...
for the renewing of the body and mind.
The last thing I wanted to do this morning was get up extra early. Let's put it this way, I am tired of being tired. But the past week or so has presented itself with opened wounds and has left me feeling angry, frustrated, helpless, defenseless, and hardened. The fatigue of the body has been an equal fatigue of the soul. Do you ever get tired of trying? Trying to restore, heal, forgive? All to be rejected and misconstrued over and over again. It makes you want to just give up and say, "I'm done." I've felt this way this week. Unfortunately, that hardened state is like a poison that begins to permeate one's life with anger, irritability, and bitterness.
So when feeling tired of feeling tired...
I knew the One I needed to go to who would give me rest.
It was not the king size bed and comfy pillow. It was my Mighty Counselor. We had an appointment early this morning to sort and pour out all that's burdened and hardened this heart of mine.
He does not disappoint.
He picks me up and places me right where I belong.
Like a child feels in the arms of their Father.
Dependent on Him in a way that makes me feel "at home."
Comforted. Alive.
Where I can breathe again.
Find clarity. Direction.
God, I love your ways.
Thank you for taking this weary heart of mine
and restoring it once again.
May I take Your yoke upon me and learn from You.
The rest for my soul
is faithfully found in You and You alone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lost in Legos...

In our home, it's not unusual to get lost in legos for hours at a time.
It's one activity Brayden will stay focused and sit through; it's also become one of our favorite downtime activities to do together.
I love this time with him.
When I was a little girl I enjoyed playing legos with my older brother and have a lot of fond memories of doing so. Brooke is taking up a liking for legos as well. While in Chicago we visited the LEGO store and I picked up these cute Halloween lego sets for the kids.
(3 for $5.00...they also had a Thanksgiving turkey
and 3 Christmas sets)
Over the past few days the kids have had fun taking them apart
and putting them back together again.

I won't's been a crazy week. A good week, but a busy one.
We have had quite a few "extras" thrown onto our schedule. I welcome the moments when the world slows down a bit and we find ourselves sitting still, connecting, and sharing this thing called "life" together...
even if it is while being momentarily
lost in legos for an afternoon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

daily discoveries...

where is yummy's belly button? from Amanda Schrieber on Vimeo.

13 months of baby turning into toddler and we are discovering new things daily...

like finding belly buttons,

learning to jump,

and uncovering my voice.

what a wondrous world!