Thursday, October 28, 2010

Earth Angel, Earth Angel....

The one I adore!
Today was my little angel's kindergarten Halloween parade and party.
She was super excited for this day...too shy to ride the bus in her costume, so Daddy took her to school in the morning.
Here are a few shots of her before they left...
When all was said and done,
this little 5 year old even took mama's breath away...
she looked heavenly!

(her kindergarten class)
(posing for a photo for her teacher)
(the "triumphant" parade around the school)
and the infamous classroom party...
complete with brains, bugs, and eyeballs.
(all things non-angelic, but fun to the core!)
Loving this angel of mine, loving this life.

On a sidenote: God is good. He has been working, shaping and rearranging my heart in ways that were much needed. My circumstances haven't changed, but something inside of me has...and it feels like I've been born again. I was so tired of feeling discouraged, weary, and waiting and hoping for things in life to change. I woke up one day and something clicked. A decision and realization that He indeed is enough. He indeed is my delight. He indeed is my more than enough. I had been longing and praying for these things and He faithfully and generously answered. My circumstances may never change. I may continue to face trial after trial. There may not be a break from them. This may be my lot in life...and I embrace it fully. We have one shot at this lifetime and I was tired of wasting countless time, effort and energy wishing things would change and be different, looking for deliverance. It may not come. And I am completely OK with this and have learned to find joy in the now, in the circumstance, in this life He has given me despite the trials and reality that things aren't how I had dreamed or planned them to be at times. This is utterly liberating. Changed. Joy that comes only from Him. If you find yourself feeling burdened, heavy, discouraged...I urge you to take it to Jesus over and over and over again. Ask Him to do a mighty work in you. He is beyond faithful and will be with you regardless. Your circumstances may not change. Sometimes He calms the storm, sometimes He calms the child in the storm. He is a God that will absolutely never disappoint. And whatever your lot in life, you can live it abundantly and with much joy. Make the choice...choose Him!


  1. What an angelic little girl!! I'm sure she stole the hearts of many -- she got mine a long time ago!

  2. wow she is a beauty. scary when we get glimpses of how beautiful these little ones will be when all grown up. you are definitely in the hands of God if you can rest in His promises.