Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lost in Legos...

In our home, it's not unusual to get lost in legos for hours at a time.
It's one activity Brayden will stay focused and sit through; it's also become one of our favorite downtime activities to do together.
I love this time with him.
When I was a little girl I enjoyed playing legos with my older brother and have a lot of fond memories of doing so. Brooke is taking up a liking for legos as well. While in Chicago we visited the LEGO store and I picked up these cute Halloween lego sets for the kids.
(3 for $5.00...they also had a Thanksgiving turkey
and 3 Christmas sets)
Over the past few days the kids have had fun taking them apart
and putting them back together again.

I won't's been a crazy week. A good week, but a busy one.
We have had quite a few "extras" thrown onto our schedule. I welcome the moments when the world slows down a bit and we find ourselves sitting still, connecting, and sharing this thing called "life" together...
even if it is while being momentarily
lost in legos for an afternoon.

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  1. just another great reason to go to chicago again