Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not a "yummy" moment...

Yesterday morning I was "putsing" around getting some cleaning and housework done. My little sidekick was following me around, getting into cupboards and doing her own thing.
When, all of a sudden she slipped and crash, boom, bang! My little baby was facedown on the floor with a broken sippy cup scattered in front of her.
When I picked her up and turned her toward me, I instantly knew this was NOT a good thing. The corner of her mouth had been cut severely and the gash was hanging wide open. It was a matter of moments before the crying, bleeding and panicking all began to set in.
Darcy was working and my father-in-law was outside mowing the lawn. I yelled for someone to go get him immediately and before I knew it, the two of us sped off and took Berlyn to the ER.
Many tears (from yummy and mommy)
and 4 stitches later, she was cleaned up and shipped home.
Who would have thought that a sippy cup/children's water bottle
could have done so much damage!
My stomach still turns at the thought of seeing Berlyn in this state.
It took more strength than I thought I had to remain calm and not get sick. Every time she opened her mouth to cry I thought she was going to rip the wound even farther down and my stomach somersaulted into panic.
I am so thankful my calm father-in-law was there with me.
Bless his heart!
The swelling has gone down quite a bit since yesterday and today I see a bruised/black eye beginning to color her sweet innocent face.
It could have been a lot worse,
and I am thankful for her resiliency and the wonderful care she was given.
Thank you Lord for keeping her in Your tender care.

"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones.
For I tell you that THEIR ANGELS IN HEAVEN always see the face of my Father in heaven."
Matthew 18:10

Thankful for those angels...for His protection.
Praying for speedy, uncomplicated healing
and some happy yummy moments along the way.


  1. Aww, poor baby, and poor Mommy, must have been scary for both of you. Glad she is feeling better. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  2. Sweet Yummy Jo, what a trooper. And YOU mommy, what a hero. You are a treasure to those little ones. Love ya SM!

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  4. Breaks my heart!! Poor baby girl, Poor mommy, to be sure. I may be a nurse, but at the site of my babies' blood, I seriously nearly pass out. I can't stand to see them hurt. Soooo proud of you for holding it together for your sweet girl. And praise God your father-in-law was right there to help out! Praying she'll be back to her smiling, yummy self in no time at all! Love you both!

    *ps...deleted above comment b/c I saw a spelling error that bugged me:)

  5. Aw, poor Berlyn and poor Mommy!! I know that must have been so scary for you both...maybe even more for you. I'm so glad that your FIL was right there. That's one of my fears is that I'll need to take Brynn to the ER on my own. Surely the Lord gives us what we need at the time we need.

  6. Owwiiee!! Poor Berlyn and Poor Mommy. It is so hard not to panic when we see our babies bleeding. Praise God that her injuries weren't worse and Prayers that she recovers quickly. I guess you've got a little DANGER GIRL on your hands!