Friday, November 5, 2010

I LOVE my JewelKade!

Oh, I can't say enough about how much I love my JewelKade!
It all started back in March when my sister introduced me to this jewelry. My very first piece was this necklace below that I ordered and received in April and held onto until Mother's Day in May (that was hard). I wear it all the time.
And since April, I had been trying to host a JewelKade party and wasn't able to coordinate a good date until a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun! (Like dress-up for grown-up girls!) And I got a lot of free jewelry out of it as well that just arrived yesterday! This jewelry is so unique and fun and modern yet also a touch vintage-y with some pieces. It's all handcrafted and pictures don't even do it justice.
Anyways, my very beautiful and fun stylist, Holli Buss, who did my party 2 weeks ago, wanted everyone who ordered jewelry to take a few shots of themselves wearing it and submit it to her for some contest on her website (Hence the photos below). I am certainly no model and get camera shy when I know the lens is on just me...turning me into a giggly dork, so please pay closer attention to the jewelry I am wearing and not the wearer of it :)

Since I first laid eyes on JewelKade I have loved this ferris wheel charm. (click on above or below photos for closer view). I was drawn to it...perhaps for it's whimsical depiction or that it spoke of pure wonderment. It made me think of how our lives are full of such wonder...
we may not always have a birds-eye view, and we may not always see the big picture from the top, but we can be certain that God is in control and as a very wise person once quoted, "Our lives with Christ were meant to be nothing less than the great adventure."
(my "free" bracelet for hosting)
And I ordered Brookie this necklace, like mine, with her name engraved and a crown charm.
I bought it for her to give to her for Christmas, but just couldn't wait. She was so excited about my new jewelry and was disappointed that she didn't receive anything (she was at the party trying things on). I was so excited to give it to her last night. Besides, I didn't want it to lose it's meaning of importance when opened next to toys and games on Christmas morning.
She was thrilled. The crown is to remind her that she is "daughter of the King." She is heir to a heavenly throne, and will always be a princess
(her daddy's and God's).
I could have so easily signed up to become a stylist to sell this jewelry. I am sold on it. However, this isn't the season in life for me to be taking on an adventure like that (as much as I desired to). If you are not a JewelKade fan yet, hop on board! There are more shows coming up in the near future. A little fun and whimsy never hurt anyone. You will LOVE it!


  1. OK, umm - you are a SUPERMODEL! Hello!

    And, sweet Brookie, you are so your mama's girl!

    And, I cannot WAIT to get a hold of mine! LOVE it all!

  2. amanda, aww... i miss your sweet laugh, i think you're beautiful, and thanks for posting about brookie's jewelry too. that's so precious.

  3. I have never heard of JewelKade, but I love what I see in your pictures. I do know of another line that carries a similar "family" necklace that I've fallen in love with and I'm saving my pennies to buy at some point. :)

    I agree with your friend "beckyjomama"...
    you're a supermodel! :)