Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evolution of the Schrieber Christmas

(and the Schrieber family)
10 years in the making...

(yes, we actually sent out a photo of us with our yellow lab dog this year. we were parents in the making)

(Welcome Brayden Ealy!)

(Pregnant with Brooke)

(Welcome Brooke Ryan!)



(Pregnant with Berlyn)

(Welcome Berlyn Jo!)

A King is born! A Savior!
Amidst the broken & lost,
the mundane & the miraculous,
LOVE found a way...
(and still does).
Jesus is the way!
May you be found in Him.
Merry Christmas!

"And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD; it shall rejoice in His salvation."
~Psalm 35:9


  1. LOVE it - and you are more beautiful every year. Merry Christmas to the SuperModel family. So much beauty for one little family!

    Love ya

  2. You and Darc don't look a day older than 2001. I have to smile because Aron & I were celebrating Christmas's together then too. How special to count the years with the one you love...what a gift! God has truly showed his favor on you both by blessing you with one another. His match-making, his weaving two into one so perfect even as we are unaware of the intricacies of our connection. Praying blessings over the Schrieber household this Christmas. Much love to you!
    Santa must have looked at my etsy fav's...cause I got a necklace and earring set from Nest Pretty Things too! I had them on all ready to go to the Christmas Eve service (I wanted to show you) were strapped in the mounty, I was early (for once). And no keys. Actually, there were keys...they were just in Aron's pocket at church, and at 20 till 4:00, He couldn't run them home:(
    Anyway...I think the earrings Aron chose are similar to the ones your sister chose for you (I think the lower stone is a little different). But they are close! How funny that our loved ones chose a gift so similar. Reminds me of when in the spring we were telling each other of our mother's day wish & it was almost the same necklace (from different companys). I didn't know anyone with a stamped necklace at that time. They've exploded since then, though. Anyway, we must share kindred taste!

    Phew...that was a long comment.
    peace out.