Sunday, December 12, 2010

white knucklin' it...

As this past week unfolded, I really felt my strength being renewed with each new day. God slowly began breathing new life into my weakened spirit. Some days it felt like just a little "puff," but come Saturday His exhalation was just enough to bring the "fight" back into me. I felt renewed and determined to persevere, even in the times when He feels a bit distant, I am choosing to believe and to hang on with all my might. I'm white-knucklin' it.

My renewed heart was equally refreshed today at church. I was privileged to take in a good Word and wholeheartedly worship the Giver of life, renewal, and all things good.

Aron Kirk, our worship leader and most gifted songwriter wrote a song a while back called "Hope is Rising." It has been one of my favorites, but after the past couple of weeks, the lyrics are resonating more soundly than ever before. We sang it again today. The timing and the condition of my heart couldn't have been more fitting. A wave of refreshment blows over me even now.

"You are there when I walk on the water;
You are there when I'm sinking in sin.
You are there when my heart hits the bottom;
and you lift me up again.

So quiet me with Your love,
with Your love.

In everything You are there,
and that's enough.

Jesus, You are
the bright and morning star
and hope is rising in my heart..."

Thank You Lord.
You are my hope.

I feel like my deceitful heart has been restored (once again)...and God has replaced my feelings with His truths (once again).
As I sat in my pew today, He whispered...

You are not forgotten. You're forgiven.
You are not abandoned. You're adored.
You are not lifeless. You're lifted.

I choose to believe.
I'm not letting go of Him and His grasp will not let go of me.
Together, we are white-knuckling it.

"Underneath are the everlasting arms."
Deuteronomy 33:27


  1. Pressing on with you...white knuckles and all! :)

  2. Thought of you while we were singing that song. Keep up the good fight. Hope this week is a better one.