Monday, January 10, 2011

Grandma time and everything in between!

This past Friday my Mama Jo came into town to visit.
She stayed the night with us,
filling our world with a little more color, comfort and love.
Berlyn was exceptionally affectionate with her.
(even now as I write this post, she must climb onto my lap every time she sees a photo of Grammy Jo on the computer screen.)
Let the good times ROLL!
Grandma Jo brought a new game for us to play called "Forget It!"
Brayden especially enjoyed this game. We capped off Friday night and began Saturday morning taking risks and rolling the dice away.
The girls had a sleepover in the basement...
(Brookie especially enjoyed this...and they were the last ones to rise in the morning!)
While still in pj's we colored this big cardboard cottage
(a gift for Brookie from the Ayotte's)
Before my mom came out,
Brooke had come up with several "projects" they could do together.
(this was one of them)

(Painting their nails together was another)
We also enjoyed a little shopping at The Spoiled Girl and Hobby Lobby,
delicious homemade enchiladas (recipe from Kelly), football games,
and about 24 hours of quality downtime in between.

Moving onto Grandma #2
Sunday was Grandma Schrieber's birthday.
Although she was sick with a cold,
we still celebrated with a home-cooked meal and birthday cake and song.
Happy Birthday Grandma!
We love you and hope you feel better soon.
In addition to all of our Grandma time, we managed to squeeze in a date night (or adult night) having dinner with friends and watching Brian Regan perform at The Fillmore.
It was a night of "Small Plates" and BIG laughs!
We also squeezed in a wonderful church service, Sunday naps, Home Group, and Farkle.
It was a busy weekend indeed;
but filled with many of my favorite things...
and shared with the people who mean the most to me in this world.
I'm loving 2011 already.


  1. That WAS a full weekend! Looks like you were completely Blessed. That adult night sounds like a blast. I am a wee bit jealous. But I did get to participate in the Farkle Fun, so....

  2. Grandma time is...ahhh - a gulp of lemonade with crushed ice on a summer day. You know, all refreshing and sweet, with a bit of a kick. So glad you got to spend some much needed time with Mama Jo. And a very happy birthday to Miss Linda as well. So enjoyed getting to hang with you & your hubs Saturday night. Infact, after the show I turned around to put my coat on & caught a glimpse of a gentle embrace & a lingering kiss. It totally warmed my heart. I heart you & your hubs' love.

  3. Santa brought a cottage to color and the kids loved it! I'm seriously considering this as a "standing bday" gift for kids from now on :)