Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My latest project...

I'm so excited about my latest project!
I'm a creature who loves and needs to create, and even though this Christmas I made a couple teacher gifts and restored an old rocking chair for Berlyn, the urge to get out some creative energy was still brewing.
The lovely Jenni Button stumbled across this idea and shared it with me.
It is a handmade daily calendar.
As soon as I read about the idea, I was determined to try.
You take notecards, cut and date them with the 365 days of the year,
(excluding the current year.)
Each day of the year, you write a short statement that reflects what you did that day
(example: "Took Bray and Brooke to see "Tangled" or "Enjoyed Dad's famous lasagna dinner"). The next day, put the old notecard to the back of the box and write a new statement on the current day and follow suit throughout the entire year.
The purpose is to re-use the calendar each year. Next year, I will write underneath each statement I wrote on each day of this year.
This is perfect for anyone with a nostalgic spirit, or any mother of young children who grows weary of time fleeting too quickly. (Can you imagine 5-10 years from now, looking back at an entry that read, "Berlyn said her first sentence today...or Brooke lost her 3rd tooth...or Brayden was baptized today.")
When I saw this idea, I was smitten.
Over the weekend I bought a date stamp and notecards and began stamping away.
Monday, I journeyed to one of my favorite hot spots: downtown Romeo's antique store, and found the above vintage postcards I used as dividers between months.
The box I used came from a candle purchased at Target
(idea from original site).
I spruced it up with some scrap ribbon and made a tag out of old stationary that reads:
"He has made everything beautiful in its time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11
This was so much fun to create. I'd love to do it again and use the recommended fruit carton/tray as a box (but couldn't find one local this time of year?) Don't you think it would make a nice gift (for the right person) and would look so nice on a kitchen counter?
What a wonderful way to live in the "now"
and to search out and record your daily joys.

For the original "how-to" view this link. I tweaked mine a bit with sizing and other details. Feel free to do the same. Enjoy!


  1. OK, you are soooooo gonna help me make one of these. I LOVE this idea. I am not as creative as you, so PLEASE help me! I love ya girl!

  2. I'd love to help you Becky Jo! It was fun. I'd like to see what one looks like as the original size. I made mine bigger bc I have bigger handwriting and struggle to condense my thoughts too (I needed more room to write). Photos would be cool as dividers too (and cheaper than postcards). Let me know when and we'll do it! I have the date stamp, notecards and tons of ribbon!

  3. Great idea. I'm not a great writer, but could do one sentence things we did each day. Love it!