Monday, January 17, 2011

When all else fails...

Sundays are our family days...they are Darcy's only day off, so we try to guard this time together. We have Home Group every other Sunday night, which leaves us with 2 Sundays a month to spend the day together as a family with no agenda.
This past Sunday we went out to lunch with friends after church, which resulted in an extra late nap for Berlyn. Shortly after 5pm we had to wake her up because the kids (and Darc and I) were itching to get out of the house...However, what to do?
At 5:30pm on a Sunday evening, we were running out of options.
The gym pool was closing. The childcare center at gym was closing. The REC pool had closed. The malls were closing. We contemplated taking the kids to see Narnia, but after pricing out tickets (without popcorn) it came to $47.00! So, when all else failed...
we took our 5 year old's advice and headed out to Chuck E. Cheese's.
Definitely not our top choice of entertainment...
but when you are with the ones you love, even a life-sized mouse, a zoo-filled room of noise, germs, and overstimulation can seem tolerable and admittingly enjoyable.


  1. And you get a cute sketch of you & your sweetie. Just gotta trim the border off! LOL