Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Better than ever SNOW DAY

Yes! Another snow day!
Here are a few pictures depicting our day...
posted in the exact order they were taken.
Why not start the day off with
a little morning Wii game with Daddy?
(and while I was downstairs taking this photo, my eyes were off the little one...)
who found her way upstairs, used a stool to climb up on big sister's bed...
only after stealing big sister's toothbrush from the bathroom
and gladly using it for herself.
Snow days are great days to take care of a few projects too.
Some weeks ago, the upper shelf in my bedroom closet that stored these bins of mine, came crashing down, spilling all over. While they were immediately picked up, the closet shelf remained broken and the bins stood stacked in our bedroom like this
taking up valuable space...until today.
(Thank you hubby for fixing this
and getting these bins off the floor and back in the closet!)
Our snow day was filled with a little work and a lot of play.
Before Daddy went to work, he fit in some good quality time with each of the kids.
And with the fixed closet shelf, I felt inspired to do a little more spring cleaning...
managing to clear out 2 more bags of clothes and a bag of shoes to donate.
This photo was taken at about 2:30pm...
Yep! Someone stayed in their pj's all day long!
But even in pajamas,
this little guy took some time to work on a school project...
and this little girl worked on her classroom valentines.
And I just couldn't help but take a photo of our overtaken back deck.
We've got snow!
Big girl, in her big girl chair, and her big girl shades...
hangin' with the best of em'.
Ahhh...things that make us happy...
and Grandma's homemade blueberry pie.
Just another snow day filled with many "better than ever" moments.


  1. Love the "jig" music. It makes me want to play duck-duck-goose right NOW!!!

  2. I just love love your video's! They make me smile!