Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have a confession to make...I WANT THIS PILLOW!
And not just an "oh-that-would-be-nice-to- have" kind of want; but rather an "I-WANT-it-right-now-kid-screaming-in-the-toy-store" kind of want. I've been eyeing it with admiration for a couple of months now. I've shown pictures of it to Darcy after flipping through the monthly catalog where it first won my affection.
(thinking, "Oh, he'll like this. It looks like a deer!)

We are in need of a new comforter/sheet set. I'm being patient waiting for just the right one, and for just the right timing (which isn't now). But when I saw this pillow, I immediately knew I wanted it on my bed! I want to base the whole design of our bed around this gazelle pillow. So, as I was laying in bed last night, a thought occurred to me that gazelles might be mentioned several times in the Song of Songs- the most romantic and intimate book of the Bible! So, I got out of bed, opened up my Bible and began reading...sure enough! They are referenced right there between the dialogue of two lovers. And me, being a sentimental soul, thought, "(Gasp & Gush) The pillow is PERFECT! It will be the focal point of our bedroom and will remind us to thank God for our marriage and ask Him to bless every aspect of it!" I was so excited and told Darcy, while also nonchalantly mentioning that the pillow was just a wee bit expensive (quickly dismiss) and went on to emphasize the meaning behind it and how wonderful this would be
AND how we should buy it!
And I probably fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Well, this afternoon Darcy calls, (I have been thinking about this pillow all morning long), and I tell him about my GREAT idea: We could buy this pillow for each other for Valentine's Day! (mind you, we don't traditionally give gifts on Valentine's Day). I retell the meaning, quickly throwing in the "it is pretty expensive" part, and how if we wait, I worry it will be gone or sold out (my birthday is not until the end of July)...but my plan didn't work. (Did I mention that the backside of the pillow is a bright marigold yellow? My favorite color.) Did I also mention that the pillow is actually really expensive? The wise thing to do is to say NO right now. Sometimes I hate that word...this is one of those cases. So, I am taking a few minutes to sulk,
like the kid in the toy store.
I love this gazelle pillow and I am pining over it more than I should be.
And that's my confession.


  1. Maybe it will go on sale! I hear you, we are doing Dave Ramsey right now. Not fun, but necessary. I'm trying to look forward to the payoff down the road, but right now it's hard! Hang in there!

  2. Could there be any more perfect theme for the heart of your home?!? Off the top of my head (because my husband has quoted it enough times!!!) I can think of one reference to the gazelle in Song of Solomon that makes me want to blush...oh so intimate & appropriate. Oh YES...that pillow would be perfect. Perhaps a spring/summer clearance sale will bring it within reach.

  3. I am with Erica - put aside a little money whenever you can and keep watching for sales. Song of Solomon - and all of it's love and intimate messages - are the PERFECT theme for a loving marriage bedroom. Then you can build the rest of the bedding set around it - and that won't need to cost much, because the pillow will be the center. I will pray you find a way.
    Now, I need to go read some WORD in preparation of V-day... Cause, ya know, I need a gift for my man!