Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Friday, February 12, 2011 marked a very important date
in this little girl's life:
Her 1st Daddy Daughter Dance.
A few weeks ago Brooke and I went shopping for this special occasion,
looking for the "perfect" dress and just the right accessories to go along with it.
We had so much fun together
It all hung in her closet covered in plastic,
until the night of her big reveal.
(of course a girl must keep her prince in suspense)
And as any real princess would, this one slowly walked down the staircase
as her prince waited at the bottom of the stairs...
staring in awe and taking in the beauty of his lovely princess.

What a sight to behold.

Allowing innocent moments
such as these to permeate my heart,

and hoping they will richly mark hers.

For now, this is her love story.

A time where she finds security wrapped in her Daddy.
Some day,
a certain young man will have big shoes to fill,
but for now, all this little girl needs is the love of her Daddy.
A place where her worth and her beauty come alive...
(Even in her dreams.)
So much to take in for one little princess.
Wanting to keep the "little" in my girl forever.


  1. Beautiful Brooke!

    Do you have the book, "Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl" by Dannah Gresh?

  2. No, I don't Charity...but I have heard of the book and have wanted to buy it for some time now. Do you have it?

  3. So sweet, a moment to remember for sure.

  4. Ohhhh, you made me cry!!! Again. It makes me grin from the inside out to see Darcy pursuing the heart of his girl, teaching her the ways of love, the gentleness and strength of a man. Some young man will have big shoes to fill, but Brookie will surely know how a lady deserves to be treated and this will give her the confidence and patience to wait on one worth giving her heart to. Your Brooke is a beauty, and I do love her so! Thanks for sharing this immeasurable precious moment.

  5. Amanda, what a beautiful post. Every time you post pictures of Brooke, I'm amazed at what a beautiful little girl she is. I love the one of her and the mirror. I have one similar to it from when I was at my friend's house around the same age... I LOVE IT! :) Miss you bunches, but I love these posts!

  6. Yes, I do have the book. It applies to girls older than Brynn, but I wanted to have it and read through it before I'd actually need it. :)

  7. Oh sweet mercy ... my heart! I love that he loves her the way he does - big shoes to fill, indeed!

  8. Wow what a special night! She looked so beautiful and very grown up which is making me :( Glad she got to do that with her daddy.

  9. Love the dress!!! She looked gorgeous!!!