Monday, February 28, 2011

He is FOR us...

Without sharing too many details, I just have to brag about my God right now. I've been a bit downhearted the past couple of days and have felt like our family is once again under Satan's attack. While I know God is FOR us, sometimes it doesn't feel that way. After the latest incident, I told myself I would not allow my mind or feelings to go down that dangerous path. I allowed that to happen this past December and I know this is a tender area the enemy is trying to attack again and reopen old wounds (feelings of failure, doubt, insecurity, worrying about what others may think, that people have us figured out wrong, that I have God figured out all wrong, etc.) Well, those areas are covered now, by a very mighty Hand. This morning, I took on the warrior stance, ready to do prayerful heart told the Lord that I believed His Word to be true and that I am claiming it for myself...that He is indeed FOR us and although it didn't feel that way at times, I was choosing to believe it even now, and I was expecting for Him to show Himself true. Well, He did just a very tangible and personal way. In a way that involved both Darcy and I...uniting us in our faith and in this journey even further. Feeling very much encouraged and heard. Thank you Father, for your investment in our lives. For fighting for those you claim as Your own. You are my Perfect Example. My Wonderful Counselor. My Marvelous Resource and Protector. Teach me how to be a warrior for You.
And as Daniel, I want You to say of me,
"She has an extraordinary spirit."
Increase my faith.
I am Yours for the taking.
Thank you for Your daily bread.
It has satisfied this hungry soul today.


  1. You are 100% right: He is for us! Sometimes I just say out loud, "Satan, get thee behind me. You are not welcome here!" Hang in there, you are a wonderful testiment of God's love and provision. I thank God for your friendship and example! Keep the faith!

  2. I love the Kari Jobe song "You are For Me." Sometimes it just needs to be our mantra.

  3. Thank you Kelli, I responded on fb. This is my mantra for sure! I loved that song!!! Denise, I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement. I need to adopt your reprimand to the enemy and just be bold about it. I mentioned on fb that often times after a spiritually high moment, Satan will try to pounce all over it and try to make me feel like I'm a failure once again. I had one of those days today...this roller coaster ride of life and emotions is exhausting! Makes me even more grateful that the God I serve is not a failure...that He doesn't change and shift like the highs and lows of this roller coaster life. Praise Him who was, and is, and is to come! Truly appreciate your friendship! Thank you!

  4. I know everyone and their dog are gonna tell you about the Kari Jobe song - but You will love it.

    He is for us ... HE is faithful.

    Remember what Beth said when we saw her in Ohio ... Lord, interrupt my "is" with Your "I AM".

    Love you Girl - and ALWAYS here!!!

  5. And, I see that Kelli already told you about the song ...