Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh yes, he did!

This past Valentines Day was quite different from any I've had in the past 10 years. Darcy was working all day and we hardly communicated. He didn't get home until almost 10:00pm. This is a season in life where we just don't have a lot of time for each other (as much as we try to carve it out and wish we did, it is still very minimal). His only evenings home are Saturdays and Sundays...you pair that with quality family time, friends, Home Group, birthday parties, commitments and life's demands and it doesn't give us a lot of wiggle room to make time exclusively for us. I'm thankful this is just a season. I've been needing to connect with my man and felt a little wounded that we weren't able to celebrate together, even in the small ways we usually do. I truly embraced God as my Valentine yesterday and He carried me through, filled me with joy, and allowed me to enjoy a great evening at home with my three little loves.

But when my husband finally did come home last night, he told me he was taking over, and that although God was my Valentine for the day, he would be my Valentine for the remainder of the night. He began by reading me a letter that he had written to me that day (this beats any Hallmark card). It's one thing to read the words coming from your husband's heart and another to hear them spoken aloud. The sound of his heart pouring out in honesty and humility was enough to heal any hurt I had been carrying and tore down any wall I had been trying to build. It was exactly what I needed. Connection.
Followed by a foot rub, and I was as good as gold.

Around 11:30 or so we headed up to bed, checked in on all the kiddos, and I walked into our bedroom and found this:
Oh yes he did! He bought me the pillow I had been obsessing over.
But I know he didn't buy it just because it was something I wanted.
He recognized and acknowledged that I am a woman with a deep need to create...that it makes me come alive when I do, and that for 18 months now I have been somewhat deprived in being able to create a home for our family. The pillow represents an outlet for me to do so and a husband who is allowing me to create and dream and validates this need within me.
It's so much more than just a pillow.
(excuse this no make-up photo...i was literally about to crawl into bed, but the look on my face had to be shared despite that.)
Before we fell asleep I reminded Darcy again how much I love him. I said, "It's not because you bought me the pillow," and before I could say another word, he finished my sentence and said, "it's because I understand you."
I had 2 Valentines yesterday.
Both know me by heart.
That will leave any girl to fall asleep with gladness in her soul.
(And I am pretty sure there was a smile on my face too.)


  1. God has blessed you so much...I love your perspective...even thought it's a difficult season you are finding ways to celebrate what really matters. I think so many women would love to have the deep, connected relationship you have with your husband...even your deep connected relationship with God. Kudos to Darcy for speaking to your heart. And praise to Him for all he's given you....

  2. Love it when the men in our lives get it. You are a blessed woman!

  3. Tears and giggles all in the same breath! I knew he was going to pull that baby out at some point. He's just really good like that - and yes, he gets you, to the core! I also completely understood that heart longing when I read your previous post - that is was indeed, about so much more than a pillow. What a perfect way to end your day (though with a Song of Solomon minded gazelle Super Pillow gracing your bed, I very much doubt it ended there ;0...hehe).
    And for the record - you are stunning au natural.
    And kuddos for you for choosing to embrace this season for what it is - temporary - and chosing to find JOY, even among less than ideal circumstances.