Monday, February 14, 2011

smooshed, pursued, found, made new...

Smooshed, pursued, found, made new...
Now that is LOVE.
Happy Valentines Day!

Perhaps it was the PMS talking, but I was overcome with emotion this past Sunday in church. Andy, our pastor, preached a bit about how God pursues us and wants to win us back to Himself. We went back to the very beginning, the book of Genesis, where he pointed out that even after Adam and Eve sinned, God's very first response wasn't one of condemnation and blame...His first words to the world's first sinners were, "Where are you?" God had been living in harmony with mankind and enjoyed it immensely. He delighted in us. His response was one that showed the heart of a God who was heartbroken because He had lost something. Something that He loved beyond measure...a right relationship with us. And ever since those moments in the garden of Eden, He has been trying to win us back through His relentless pursuit and love. When we look away, He doesn't. He looks for us and says, "Where are you?"
I could not get this concept out of my was as if I could hear Him speaking these very same words to me as I sat there in the front row of our church yesterday morning. "Where are you?" And flashbacks of my life before I knew Him came flooding over my mind, and the tears began to flood my eyes. How could a God so worthy and wonderful as He, care so much? He should have been yelling, "Child, what in the world are you doing with your life? Why are you doing this? Don't you know the consequences of this? Yes, there will be consequences to this life you are choosing to lead." But no, His perfect response was and is, "Where are you?" The fact that He could love me and be heartbroken over me, I simply cannot wrap my mind around as much as I try. I rejected and ignored Him time after time...but He did not give up. Just as a mother or father would never give up looking for their lost child, my Maker never gave up on me. As I sat in church that morning, my heart broke for His as I recalled my lost life and His desire to win me back to Himself. A relentless pursuit.

Bittersweet. Bitter, to look back at my life before Him. My empty, lost life. Sweet to embrace the truth that I've been found. That my old life is just that, old. And He took my smooshed battered self and has made me brand new. That I have a Savior who didn't give up on me, but who found a way to restore me to Himself...and continues to do so daily.

If you find yourself not in an intimate relationship with God, please know it's not because His eyes aren't on you. He's looking for you, pursuing you, ready to make you brand new. Listen to His whisper, listen to His cry. It may be the sweetest words you allow your heart to hear: "Where are you?"
For I am living proof that He can take what's smooshed and battered,
and turn it into good.
What we may think is broken, lost or useless,
He can make into art, into something beautiful.
You just may be the canvas He is waiting to use.
On this very day, I beg you...
allow Him to be your Valentine.


  1. It was a great message ... and you summed it up so well! Love the pics of your sweet ones (as always!) Happy Valentine's friend!

  2. The thing I love most about God is that He pursues us. Your gifted words spoke volumes this morning. Thank you!

  3. I loved the imagery that Andy used about God asking "where are you?" just as we as parents would be asking, searching, so concerned over a child lost. Really put it all together for me too. Great post, you are a gifted writer for sure