Monday, March 28, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle!

Well, it's official!
We have said goodbye to the baby bottles.
(or as Berlyn says, "bye bye bottle")
We've been talking about it for a while now. I think Brayden was weaned off the bottle around 12 months and Brooke roughly around the same time. Neither one of them seemed to love their bottles and the transition to sippy cup didn't phase them a bit.
Berlyn is another story...
While she has been using a sippy cup for some time now for water and/or juice,
she still likes to have her morning milk and her bedtime milk in a bottle
(and a little warmed up too:)
And while she is growing up so fast and wanting to do all things "big girl,"
she is vocal in letting us know she truly prefers her milk in a bottle and not a sippy.
(even chucking a sippy of milk across the floor that was given to her because it wasn't in a bottle and handing milk that was not "warm enough" back until it was to her liking :)
such a diva.
So, in my efforts to let her be my baby for as long as possible, I haven't pushed the idea.
They grow up fast enough on their own without needing parents to push them to grow up any sooner than they already will. I told myself I'd transition her at 18 months.
So here we are!
This morning we had our talk about what a big girl she is now and decided to pack away all of her bottles in a bag to give to "baby Josh" (her favorite).
she was all game for this activity...
although she was having much more fun playing with the bottles and trying to put them back together rather than putting them away in the bag.
That a girl!
And when mama says "say cheese,"
this is what I get...
(can you tell she is trying to say "cheese"?)
OK, this one's a bit better :)
And now that the task is completed,
what better way to top it off than with a refreshing sippy cup of milk!
My little morning rag-a-muffin did just fine!
In all truth,
I think it's mommy that's having a harder time with all of this
growing up stuff.


  1. I didn't take Gabby off the bottle until 2 years old. It seems that the youngest always keeps those 'baby' things longer. I knew she was the last, so I let it go for a lot longer and cherished the 'baby' time, but atlas, all good things must come to an end. Now Berlyn is a 'Big' girl! Yeah!

  2. Even though Brynn is my only, there are a couple of things I'm not pushing either...she still gets her paci at bedtime and I'm in NO hurry for potty training. :)

  3. I'm right there with ya sista! Lauren just turned one last week, and we have to try to start incorporating the sippy cup more. Say a prayer for us, as this is our first attempt at this post!

  4. A. I love the grass drying rack, I've given that as a gift at the last few baby showers I've gone too:).
    B. The guilt! Anna is still drinking her bottle and she's oh... past two. And I'm not even TRYING to get her off of it.
    Oh boy.
    C. Berlyn is SO cute.
    D. I'm very proud of you for getting her off the bottle, way to go Mama!

  5. Ugh. I added an extra 'o' on the too there... that drives me nuts. Pretend it's not there;).

  6. With H, people thought I was a TYRANT because as soon as she hit one we chucked the bottles! But, with S it was so hard to make that change. I knew she was my last and it still kills me to see her grow up. Bitter sweet pride and longing for what is no more.

    Ah, motherhood ...