Saturday, March 26, 2011

The curse of being the 3rd child...

Everyone tells me that the 3rd child grows up much quicker than the first two. I'm beginning to fully understand. Berlyn is swiftly trying to keep up with her older brother and sister in all things...she doesn't want the high chair, but wants a big chair...she wants to drink out of a regular cup and not a sippy...she doesn't want to wear a bib or sit in a stroller or a cart, but wants to "wk"(walk) by herself when we are out and about. She is getting a taste of freedom and independence and keeps craving more.
So how do I keep her my baby?
When instead of "Goodnight Moon," she is reaching for "Let's Find Pokemon."
And while we should be searching on each page for little mouse,
we are searching on each page for Pikachu.
And although she loves Super Why and Baby Einstein more than anything,
when Brayden and Brooke are home Noggin gets put on hold,
and iCarly takes over.
Still...I am loving this age!
18 (oops! now 19) months is so much fun for mama and her girl.
Every day brings new discovery...
and not just Pikachu on a page in a book,
But a world that is becoming fresh and alive,
new and exciting.
I love seeing life from her lens...
the world is innocent
and simple
and full of wonder with each passing day.
So, please tell me how?
Can I keep my baby my baby?

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  1. Please ... when ya figure this one out, let me know. They grow up too fast. I am trying to savor every stage because I know that this is the last time for all of it. This mama thing is not for the faint of heart.