Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Darcy!

Who would have ever thought?
That this sweet little precious baby...

Would turn into this mischievous little toddler...

Who would turn into this driven little boy...

And into this dedicated man...
A man of godly character and integrity.
A natural-born leader I've been blessed to call husband.
Happy birthday Darcy!
Thank you for all you do for our family.
The hard work and the perseverance you've been pouring into your career, into bettering our family, and into your own faith journey does not go unnoticed.
You will reap the rewards.
I'm so excited to see what God has in store for you.
Praying blessings over you today,
that they'll be carried throughout this 34th year of your life.
You are still just a youngin'...
but one I love and most admire!
Happy Birthday!


  1. Darcy is a great example of a godly man and father. I am truely blessed to know both of you!

  2. Happy Birthday Darcy - you ARE an amazing Godly man and we are so proud to call you friend!

    PS: the greg Louganis pic with the medals and the speedo just about did me in.

    PPS: the kids are their daddy, through and through - especially the girls.

  3. loved this post. always awesome to see a wife HONOR her man. Have to agree with Becky Jo on the underwear pic. lol. It made me think that your husband and my brother (Aron) may have ALOT in common. hahaha

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to YOU, DARCY!!!
    What a blessed man you are. And your wife is right: your perseverance, your integrity, your obedience will not go unnoticed. We are honored to call you friend.
    Praying God pours on you an abundance of His spirit, a washing of His love, an extra measure of strength, a rising of hope, and a covering of protection as you follow Him this 34th year.

    LOVE the picts!
    The toddler picture has 'Berlyn' written ALL over it!
    And the little swimmer Darcy is just too adorable. I would say it is unbelievable that he let you post that, but then this is the man who dressed up as you for Halloween. You two are such a fun pair! Love ya!