Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's time for the PERCOLATOR...

Michigan Spring has ushered in more snow, sleet and freezing rain. Joy!
I was extraordinarily optimistic this year that from here on out we were going to see GREEN!
I've lived here my whole life, so the recent snow should be no shocker to me...
afterall, it is still March!
And with the cold, my chilled body is craving all things warm...
like soup and tea, coffee and more coffee!
So, why not share with you all the two recent additions to my
newly founded mug collection.
I wrote about this middle mug a while ago,
and since then have acquired the other two.
Don't kid yourself, coffee tastes better when you drink it from a pretty cup!
In high school, Kim (my BFF) and I dreamt of opening our own coffee shop and serving our customers hot steaming java from a variety of mismatched eclectic coffee mugs collected from all over the world :)
I guess there's a tiny piece of me still hangin' onto this high school dream...
except I'd prefer the coffee shop to be my own kitchen
and my customers to be my closest family and friends
stoppin in from time to time
to share a smile and a cup of joe.


  1. I would soooooo visit that coffee shop .. and often. Love it!

  2. oooh, my heart was not ready for the snow. especially as all the facebookers from 'home' were boasting 77 degree days. but I'm telling myself this is the last one. we're going out like a lion baby. and erma's is opening in just a few days, so warm weather is coming.

    and as far as those coffee mugs go - they are just delightful. coffee DOES taste better in a pretty mug. collect on. you'll have that kitchen one day. and all the cozy that comes with it. and you will appreciate it all the more because of your journey to home.

    until then...sip on those pretty mugs and dream of what could be. to quote one cinderella, "afterall, a dream is a wish your heart makes..."

  3. I say hold on to this dream, I see it as reality one day....You would have lots of customers!

  4. i have to tell ya, my coffee tasted fabulous from the mug on the left. that one will be MINE!!