Friday, March 18, 2011

make music of me...

Sometimes I feel like my heart is just an old piano,
when left neglected and unplayed
it becomes dusty and out of tune...
unable to make music.
That's where I've been this past week or so.
Slacking on my practice, forgetting my notes,
and frustrated by the symphony of chaos I create
in the song of my life.
Not a pretty sound.
I can hear Christ sing over me,
"The melody is quite simple
when you let it be Me.
The harmony falls into place
when you're prepared and persevere."
And I know that when I tap into the Creator of all notes and song,
and allow my heart to be played regularly,
and my spirit to be tuned to His,
then I'm able to hear the music once again,
and the melody of my life becomes something beautiful.
Striving for balance and rhythm...
to waltz with the Spirit and to be an instrument
for His glory.
Songwriter and Composer of everything good
and true
and melodious
and worth dancing to,
make music of me.


  1. you are beautful - inside and out. I KNOW that your song is a joyful noise. And HE is rejoicing over YOU with singing. (Zep3:17)

    Love ya SM!!

  2. I adore this prayerful, poetic analogy. We have an old, out of tune piano of our own - one I adore. And let me tell you the surprise I felt as our friend, who is a skilled pianist, sat down and drew from her the most beautiful music. I didn't know she had it in her. But ah - the master musician did. And just like our friend, I see THE Master Musician evoking a beautiful melody from your heart. I pray you are finding your practice time, feeling the balance and rhythm that takes you the place of readiness for extravagant worship. I echo your words as my own prayer...

    And...also...AAAAHHHH....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog facelift. It is So. YOU! LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!! Makes me happy just staring at it.
    Did I mention I love it?
    Okay. Good. Just making that clear.

  3. Awe...thanks guys! I, indeed, am carving out time to "practice" each day (although not as much time as my heart needs or desires...but it's still time, nonetheless!) And it is making a difference. My notes may be sharp and fall flat at times, but they are still being played! I'll be amping it up soon now that everyone is on the mend and I am getting more sleep!

    Thanks for the blog facelift compliment Erica. :) With spring on the horizon, i was needing to paint this little piece of my world with much color. I have major rainbow on the brain as I am brainstorming ideas for a beloved almost 6 year old's birthday party. :) Color color color! It indeed makes me happy too!

  4. this was me (J) leaving the above comment :)