Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mermaid on the brain

brooke's lastest obsession is mermaids...
she wants to be a mermaid for halloween;
she wants a mermaid costume and mermaid polly pocket for her birthday;
and several times in the past couple of weeks she has been very serious when saying,
"mommy, i really, really wish i was a real mermaid!"
today she came running off the school bus with this abstract (yet darling) mermaid creation blowing around in her tight-gripped little hand and a wide smile planted across her face.
each limb and hair strand has been individually cut, glued, and placed with precision.
a lovely work of art
that any creature of the sea would admire.
too sweet not to share.


  1. what ever happened to the "native american" idea, or any other of the numerous ideas she had this past weekend? It may be hard to walk in a mermaid costume:)

    oh, brookie!!! you make me smile every time i think about you!!!

  2. That is sooooo sweet. I love that girl!
    Oh, to be a child - so innocent. Love it!

  3. oh mama jo...while she splashes around idea after idea (Indian, Tennis Player, Cheerleader, Hula Girl) for her grand halloween costume, Mermaid trumps them all! And it is definitely the only one she really really wishes she was in real life! :)

    (I'm going to try to steer her down the Native American route for halloween though...that'll be darling...and hopefully, natalie still has the costume you made!)