Tuesday, April 5, 2011


my darkest moments haunt me so,
yet i welcome each one freely.
for their purpose serves to draw me into
closer communion with You.
what more could this heart possibly desire?
you raise me from my own dead,
and breathe Life into dry crushed bones.
when the wait in the wilderness suffocates me,
You exhale Hope and rain down Mercy,
chasing me with Your Goodness,
until again,
i'm joyful.
You teach me to be still,
and lead me to wade in Your Truth,
so that each pore of my stricken body and downcast spirit
is soaked and utterly consumed with You.
and the heaviness of the world melts away
and is replaced with the fullness of You.
Majestic and Holy, Highest and Most Worthy,
there is none like You.
take Your rightful seat upon the throne of my life,
my knees tremble in awe and bow down in humility.
i fail You time and time and time again,
yet You lift my chin with Tenderness,
and gaze upon me with Love.
it overwhelms me.
the lessons i learn are painful,
but the fruit is oh so sweet.
they make my praises louder...
i hear them echoing on heaven's gate.
they strengthen this heart,
so that it beats mightily just for You.
i find myself dancing.
let me dance for You, my King.
Your Word is melodious;
it beckons me to move.
i cannot help myself.
let me stay in this moment,
oblivious to distraction,
SONbathing in Your Faithfulness
singing praises to Your name.
what a beloved name.
the sweetest name my lips could ever spill.
my soul's Crown.


  1. Beautiful ... and your words are lovely too! I do love ya girl!

    SuperModel AND SuperWriter. You are a Blessing!

  2. My goodness Amanda, that was amazing. Do you sing too? Because that would be an amazing song!