Monday, April 11, 2011

swept away...

Yesterday was nothing short of beautiful.
From the moment we woke up to warmth and open windows, with fresh breezes blowing through every corner of the house, to the closing moment of our day...where we curled up on the couch with five spoons diving into one carton of sherbet, ending our spring break with unity and refreshing sweetness. It was beautiful.
Yesterday afternoon, we were given the privilege to attend a funeral service for a woman from our church...a dearly loved "Faith Princess" (as i like to call her). I become so moved at weddings and funerals. In the life of a believer, both are such joyous occasions marking the beginning of spectacular journeys. This funeral, or rather "celebration of life," was just that. It made me ponder how I want to live my life, how I yearn for it to point to Jesus, how I pray to leave a legacy of faith for my children and their children and generations to follow. It fills me with an urgency to do so. I left the service feeling encouraged, hopeful
and hungry for more of Him.
While we took the older kids to this service, Berlyn was napping at home. Following the funeral, Darcy took the older two for a quick swim and I came home to my sleepy-eyed girl. The day was beautiful and I couldn't wait to take my little toddler outside to explore and enjoy.
The usual alluring swings and playset couldn't hold her interest
as Grandpa's car invited exploration.
So, here is where we stayed.

On this day, the goodness of His love soaked into our hearts,
as did the warmth of the midday sun upon our wintered flesh.

And His grace swept us away,
like the forceful, yet warm and welcoming breeze of the day...
confirming the arrival of a long awaited season of hope, and life, and newness.

The warmth of the sun,
the air rich with life...
You blow into our world, in moments we least expect.
Unpredictable. Desired. Treasured.
Even though you visit just a brief season of the year,
we value you that much more.
You return to us like an old lost friend,
and we savor your stay.
Picking up right where we left off,
balancing memories of old
with beginnings afresh.
You remind this heart of so much,
giving me a taste of goodness and
leaving me to crave more.
Swept away...


  1. Your words as tender and powerful as always. And, Yummy ... well, she is a deliscious as always.