Thursday, April 7, 2011


It seems that at any given time in our household,
between Brayden and Brooke,
we have a wiggly, loose, or missing tooth.
And once again, we find ourselves toothless!
Early yesterday morning, Brookie lost her first "front" tooth,
which was very exciting for her.
After watching an episode of "SuperWhy," she decided to write the tooth fairy a letter,
asking if she could keep her tooth.
(you may have to click on this photo to enlarge)
It reads: "Dear Tooth Fairy,
could I keep my tooth
and still give me money?
I love the Tooth Fairy.
Love, Brooke
I don't know if is a girl or a boy."
(she was wondering if the tooth fairy was a boy or a girl)
And then she illustrated herself in her bedroom, in her bed,
with the tooth fairy giving her a dollar.
Brookie woke me up first thing in the morning to show me the dollar and the "extra" that the tooth fairy brought her (an iPod charm). I asked her if the tooth fairy let her keep her tooth, and she did! And then I asked her if the tooth fairy answered her question whether or not she was a boy or a girl? The tooth fairy must have either forgotten to answer the question
or wanted to keep it a mystery...
But Brooke confidently explained, "I just saw on SuperWhy that it is a girl,
so I KNOW that it is a girl."
And then smiles wide, baring an adorable gap, and asks her mama,
"Do I look gooder?"
Brookie, you are darling,
toothless and all!
(and guess what? another tooth right next door to this one
is now on it's way to wiggly!)


  1. MERCY, she is cute! I just stinkin love her!

  2. Love how excited she is to loose those teeth!

  3. How generous of the tooth fairy to give her an iPod charm! She must be into music. Pulling a tooth can be painful sometimes, but it is one of the most exciting milestones in a person’s life.

    Bianca Jackson