Friday, April 15, 2011

What do you think?

Many, many years ago the Ann Arbor News did a story on my father and his quest to find his biological family. This photo was taken and printed in the newspaper with the article. It's my Mom, Dad, me, my older brother Jeff and my little sister Emily
(before Sarah and Greg were born).
I'm the little girl in the middle holding onto my daddy's lap.
All of my children strongly resemble my husband's side of the family.
I've been told it time and time again and I see it myself.
I keep this photo framed in my home and
the other day when my mom was over, she was struck by how much Berlyn's profile
resembled mine as a little girl in this photo.
So what do you think?
(you may have to click on photo to enlarge)
Do any of my babies have their mama in them?


  1. ok that was me steph i was logged under our mops google account :)

  2. Oh absolutely Berlin looks like you!! You gals are so beautiful!!

  3. Oh absolutely Berlin looks like you!! You gals are so beautiful!!

  4. i even said it the other day when i was there and had NO idea mom had made the same comment! she totally looks like you in the pic! there's "carter" in her after all :)

  5. Yes, she does (lucky girl!!!) and, hello! You ARE your Mama Jo - I see you and Em in that face. Love it!

  6. They all look very much like you! Beauties! I'd love to know how your Dad's story turned out some day.

  7. She DOES look so much like you in this photo (yet undeniably Darcy too...i suppose that is the miracle of two that collide together, birthing something familiar, but altogether new). I agree with BeckyJo..lucky girl, and wowzas...lots of mamajo in YOU! I love that even as a child you have those to die for lashes! Beauty all around you Carter girls.

  8. Berlyn so looks like you! Great photo!

  9. Berlyn looks just like her mama in that photo! Beautiful!

  10. oops! Brian was logged in and I didn't know. It published a comment that I was trying to leave