Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 years ago today...

10 years ago today I said two of the most important words of my life, "I do." Today, I say those very same words. "I do" to the laughter and tears, the joy and the pain, the trials and the triumphs, as long as they're shared with you by my side.

10 years ago today, I really had no idea what a good man I had. I really had no idea what a great God I had either. It's impossible to look at marriage or celebrate our anniversary without seeing His handprint all over it.

10 years ago today, I had no idea what journey we'd be on together....the valleys and the mountaintops and everything "in between" that has created our life together. I had no idea what faith journey we'd that would shape, mold, and refine.

I wouldn't trade a single second of a single day. This is our story.
Happy 10th anniversary Darcy!
I love you PH&B.

"This is my lover; this is my friend."
Song of Solomon 5:16


  1. LOVE it - Happy anniversary and here is to another 50! Love you all!

  2. Beautiful!! So thankful to see God's faithfulness and love displayed in your relationship and family!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. oh ...dern tears. i can't see the screen when they come! I love that you took the time to make a momento to your first ten years together. Surely the Lord made you and Darcy just for one another...cut from the same fabric, woven together at just the right time. Your story is a beautiful testiment to the work of Love in and through you. It is easy to celebrate and to love in the good times, but I love that no matter how life presses in or tramples down, you cling to one another, protecting each other, building each other up. It is so easy, in stress, to turn on another in fear and frustration, but you have shown us another way. You are an example to me, and many more. We celebrate your marriage today, even as you celebrate one another. Prayers for protection, peace, unity, and blessing covering you in the years to come.
    Oh...and was that a JJ Heller? LOVE'd the song. It wasthe icing on the cake...along with the adorable dancing amanda in that sweet little swimsuit! lol You are cute as a button!