Friday, May 20, 2011

Go to bed!

We've been doing battle with a certain 7 year old boy for quite some time now...
Brayden keeps getting out of his bed at night, from the time I tuck him in around 8:30pm till about 9:30 or 10:00 at night he will not stay in his room. He misses Daddy. He isn't tired. He can't fall asleep. He's scared. He's having bad thoughts, etc. There is always a reason why he can't stay in bed.
We tuck. We pray. We talk. We read. We remind. We pray. We snuggle.
For a while I was letting him come down and sleep on the living room couch until Darcy got home at night. He said he liked it there because it made him feel "more secure." I empathized and allowed it, but come on now...enough is enough. Kids are meant to sleep in their own beds! And going to bed regularly (on a school night) at or after 10:00pm is unacceptable. So, after a couple of good talks with Darcy and I, we made an agreement with him that he is to stay in his own bedroom from now on. Last night Brayden disobeyed and got out of bed one too many times. Again. He knew he was in trouble.
He was sent right back up to his room after he was reprimanded and reminded that his choice disobeyed and disappointed us because we had trusted him to stay in his bed.
When Darcy and I came up to bed later that night, we found Bray sound asleep in his bed, with this note on the floor...
carefully positioned on the floor for us to see.
Melted my heart.
My sensitive guy knew he had done something wrong and was trying to make it better by apologizing. He was attempting to make things right. It might be a little thing. But this is a good thing!
(I was proud of him)
Made me want to wake him up right then and there...
to tuck and pray and snuggle once more.

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  1. Oh...melts my heart too (and puts a few tears in my eyes). Speaking of tears, his eyes looked like he might have cried himself to sleep? Such tough lessons to learn, but you and Darcy are doing the best thing for him by being consistent and united. I know how he feels though...I hated going to bed when the light was still hanging around and my parents were up. Who am I kidding...I still struggle to climb into bed at a decent hour.
    He's such a tender little guy...I love that about him! And in my humble opinion, I think he is growing to look more and more like his beautiful mama! Something about those eyes...