Friday, May 13, 2011

A little of this and that...

A few have asked for pictures from our anniversary night,
so here are a couple. We didn't get any great photos,
we were too caught up in our fabulous steak dinners and much needed conversation.
It was so nice to have a night out to reconnect with my man.
We talked about so many things...what we've been through and accomplished in the past 10 years...the joys and the lows, the blessings and the losses.
We painted a picture of our hopes and dreams for the next 10 years and what that would look like...what we'd like to accomplish, where we'd like to be, how we'd like to grow. At one point I asked him, "so what can I do better as your wife? Let's talk about where we can both improve." Darcy gave me a look like, "Are you serious?" And then questioned what was really on my mind and if there was something I wanted to tell him. We both agreed we should save that conversation for another night! :) So, we built each other up and just enjoyed one another.
(as well as our steak dinners...did I mention how good they were?)
So," this" was our anniversary...
Let's move onto "that"...

Brayden presented us with this book on our anniversary. He made it previously after interviewing each member of our family and asking us "what we would like if we could get something. "
(world peace and love weren't cutting it for answers...he was looking for material items as answers. Some he made up on his own).
So based on interviews and the personal opinion of Brayden,
what would bring delight to each one of us?
for Mom; shoes!
(I like that they're red! And have heels!)
for Berlyn: her kitty
*this one's my favorite! he took so much time to color each stripe.
for Brooke: money
and for Daddy: a new car!
Now, isn't that just the sweetest?

Ready to move onto a little more of "that?"
Well, the sweetness hasn't been permeating through this household on a regular basis.
We've had an awful lot of whining and complaining too.
One night, the complaining ended with a very upset mama who yelled,
"Enough! You BOTH have homework from ME. You are going to write down 10 things you are thankful for right now!"
And the very next day we took a trip to Target and I let (made) the kids each pick out a spiral notebook that is now their own "Thankfulness Journal."
On day 2 I had them each write down I Thessalonians 5:16-18.
It's a perfect scripture to live by.
Andy gave a great sermon on Mother's that was convicting enough for me to make some changes within the home. It had me really contemplating "sincere faith" and frankly, I fall short in this area when it comes to my children. There are moments I completely lose my cool and if someone was there witnessing my behavior, I'm certain I'd be embarrassed or ashamed.
Darcy and I talked about this over dinner too. Why is it, that we sometimes give the people we love most in life our leftovers? We have more than enough patience and grace for strangers and friends, but then when it comes to our own family, we aren't always giving them our best. Well, at least I am not always giving them my best.
I'm recognizing this and making intentional efforts to ensure that my kids are learning sincere faith right within our home.
Striving to live and love well...
And determined to enjoy a little of "this and that" in between.


  1. RE: "We have more than enough patience and grace for strangers and friends, but then when it comes to our own family, we aren't always giving them our best."

    I wish I could have a do-over in this area. I look back at all the things I would'a, could'a, should'a done differently. BUT, I am so proud of the way you "turned out" that I have NO regrets.

    XOXO Mama Jo
    P.S. Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

  2. Thanks mom! You were the best mom ever! (still are)...but hearing your proud of me, even as an adult, stll means the world. XO

  3. Oh man do I resonate with that message. I am way off kilter in my home life these days. Thanks for the inspiration!
    P.S. The bone in Rib Eye is my favorite.