Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Never too late to be an egghead

Most of you know that Berlyn's unexpected hospital stay put a loop in some of our Easter weekend plans. I had planned to do a couple of fun Easter crafts with the kids at home, but they didn't exactly pan out as expected. One of those crafts was to make an "egghead" family of animals, etc.
Earlier in the week we dyed some of our eggs to get ready for this craft
(with hopes to work on it on Good Friday when the kids were off of school).
I cut and prepared everything we needed for the craft ahead of time,
but unfortunately Good Friday came around and we were in the hospital with Berlyn...getting well and reprioritizing in the process.
Because the kids had already colored the eggs we needed for this craft and I had already prepared all of the "extras" for it, we decided to make them the day after Easter.
Please, let me introduce to you..........
Our EGGHEAD family!
Here they are pictured above at their annual family reunion.
Meet the twin piggies (not identical).
(the one on the right has a bum leg...from a trough eating contest that went awry)
Miss Ladybug
(always looking for a good time and a picnic)
(It must be hard for her because apparently she is blind.
born with no eyes.)
Mr. and Mrs. Bunny
(a little too serious if you ask me)
(both in need of a good whisker trim)
their homegrown produce...
plumpest carrot ever grown!
and "matilda" the cow
(lonely. we caught her eyeing the neighbor bull)
bluebird babies
and the finest poultry family in town.
Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just gotta make do.
One thing we learned is:
It's never too late to be an egghead!
(*but i'd advise you not to attempt to eat these "supposed to have been refrigerated" eggs
...best admired with the eyes and not the tummy.)


  1. So cute! Better late than never! So glad everyone is healthy these days.

  2. Those are so cute!!! I wish I was so creative! I love those!

  3. i'm in love! poor matilda...I've spent many a night listening to a lonely cow bawling for baby or mate. and the baby blue birds - can they come live at my house? we have a sweet little homemade nest just for them! We may have to partake in this craft 'round these parts next year - my kids would LOVE it too!