Sunday, May 22, 2011

who woulda thought?

as a mom, i am amazed by the things i randomly find around our house.
(all moms of boys can appreciate this one...)
apparently, we are breeding zombie aliens in dixie cups
from our very own bathroom.
who woulda thought?

(i find myself hanging onto these little details of our day to day,
knowing that someday too soon
our days of innocent play will long be gone.
legos galore all over the floor,
bey blades spinning at the crack of dawn,
pokemon cards and bakugans picked up once, twice, three, times a day
matchbox cars lined up for miles on carpeted road,
marbles, army men, and power rangers on end tables and stairs...
i'm not annoyed or bothered.
this is my boy.
my one and only.
these are pieces of him.
at hard play.
who will be graduating and off on his own in a blink of an eye.
he still likes to cuddle.
he still calls me mommy.
for now.
i refuse to look past the moment.)

1 comment:

  1. So if the world is over taken by zombies we will know who to blame, right? Ha, very cute. I am looking forward to these little boy moments, but you are sooo right to relish in them now.