Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And this is how she rolls...

I have a couple of milestone posts to write about, but sometimes in the midst of these events, I can't help but stop to share some of "everyday life" moments...
Like Berlyn yesterday...
prancing around the house with
(as daddy says) her "coin slot" hanging out.
No care in the world.
Or this morning...
she kept telling me she is "wet, wet!"
and wants her diaper changed,
so I lay her down to change her,
and make a few surprising discoveries of my own.
Toy scissors and a flashlight from her Animal Hospital
found their way down inside each leg of her pj's...
lovin' the giggle and surprise that these kids bring to my everyday.


  1. what a little hoot she is! can you even believe it is nearly time to be thinking about their 2nd birthdays? unbelievable!

  2. kinda reminds me of the time when greg was 2 years old and had his cast removed and out tumbled lots of legos. yummy jo, what a little sweetie!!!

  3. Haha! John calls it the 'coin slot' too... although sometimes it's about me! *blush*! Glad the scissors were toys! And love the pj's.