Sunday, June 19, 2011

daddy's love

today is father's day.
this picture was taken earlier this week, with no intention of posting it...
but this morning, as the household slumbers away,
my heart is drawn to its tenderness.
a window shedding light onto the role of daddy.
darcy's has more late nights than not and there are times that as i am tucking the kids into their beds, a few tears will be shed out of missing him and pure tiredness. the beginning of this week, this was brooke. she begged me to tell daddy to rock her when he came home from work, so we left him a note. and that's just what he did. he took his 6 year old little girl into his arms and gave her just what she needed...daddy's love.
the role of a father cannot be measured.
it's marking engraves the tender heart.
thankful today for the man my kids call daddy.
happy father's day.


  1. i love this...kinda reminds me of that book, "I'll Love You Forever" (I think that's what its called). Words really can't do justice the beauty and tenderness of this moment. Thanks for sharing!