Thursday, June 16, 2011

First and Last...

Here's a quick glimpse of our first and last days of school.
It's been a great year (and we survived!)
(waiting for the school bus in the morning)

(just got off the school bus and arrived to school)

(started as a kindergartener...ended as a 1st grader)

(began as a 2nd grader...finished as a 3rd grader)

(coming home from school)

And here's a little extra to make you chuckle.
Darcy took this picture today, during the frantic "quick the bus is about to come" moments of the morning. As he is about to take the picture, the bus pulled up. Brayden and Brooke were so concerned about missing the bus that they could hardly stand it. If you look closely, you can see the camera strap flailing in the bottom of the photo as Darcy rushes to snap the pic...
and the kids faces say it all!
I'm still giggling now.
Summer is here!


  1. that last picture, as the bus in coming, cracks me up -- precious!!!

  2. I had to click & enlarge that last photo...and I can't stop laughing! oh so funny, those two are! I think you need to frame that one...for a rainy day!

  3. love the before and after shots, and agree with the others the last shot is priceless. True emotion caught in this one

  4. Cute post! They have grown so much! I'm sure they are ready for a well deserved, fun summer.