Saturday, July 23, 2011

A window of loveliness...

My desire to decorate, create, and transform is

at an

all-time volcanic high.

I have ideas up the wazoo for bedrooms, kitchens,

kids rooms, wall decor, fleamarket


antiques, trash to treasure projects, and labors of


We looked at a couple of homes


weekend. I think the fact that we may soon have


own space, a canvas for me to


and create, is the catalyst to this bubbling


Earlier this summer I picked an


farmhouse windowframe for $3.00 at an estate


I've had several ideas floating


regarding what to do with the frame,

but I must say I find this one below quite


Brookie does not have a headboard on her

little twin bed.

I think the ol' windowframe

will appreciate being looked through

once again

with such fullness and fondness...

to be the center of sight and view,

a frame for beauty,

(a job she's most accustomed to),

no longer discarded or forgotten,

but purposed again

to bring beauty and life into a room.

Is this not the most darling

whimsical sweet treat you've seen in a while?

Truly, a window of pure loveliness.


  1. i have two windows JUST like this...i've stored them for seven years knowing they'd one day find their purpose. what a great idea (and of course i adore the fabric banners). i pinned this photo on pinterest for our someday home last week. i too have got shaping spaces on the brain. simmer down, self. simmer, down! we looked at an adorable farm in armada...5 bedrooms, 4 acres, and character to boot. too bad it is just so far. one day, friend, one day!

  2. Waiting to see what you do with the shudder that you got in Ohio. I have to admit, I envy (not in a bad way) your creative decorating ability. Unfortunately for my family, that is not my strong suit. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. I do love looking at your ideas and posts.