Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer's fate...

Summer is BuSy! Equally high-paced and easy-going. I love the season. The warmth. The bloom. The fullness. The fancy free mood that permeates each day. The ripened ability and choice to go or stay, to run or sit, to observe or partake. The lack of schedule and routine is freeing. But, with it, the late nights fashion late mornings and long days on end spent with three of my favorite little people means I have less time for myself, for quiet, for devotion, and my soul thirsts to abide. Is it possible for one to thirst one way while being refreshed another? I mustn't complain. I'm finding contentment in this season knowing the search for His peace and presence must be sought with more creativity and persistence than before.

And in the midst of that yearning, I'm grabbing hold of those moments of calm, in between the busy spontaneity of summer freedom and delightful disarray to pause and take notice of the life around me and the minute, yet magnified graces I too often hurry past...

Where giggles billow.

And freckles dance.

Where up close and personal,
without shame,

and begging to be recognized,

blessings are bared.

Summer's fate has unfolded.
Breathe it in.

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