Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weeded wonderment, of finest bloom...

On the way home from tennis practice this morning, Brooke and I had no choice but to pull our car over to pick some wild beauty for ourselves. It was as if the flowers themselves were crying out in heated anguish, begging for an invitation
under the umbrella-ed shade of our humble home...
where petal finds rest and stem finds refreshing drink.
It also gave me a chance to use my charming mason jar pitcher
(ten cent estate sale find)
(and the new green toothpick holder Brayden chose for me at an antique mall last weekend...handpicked via "eenie-meenie-miny-mo")
Queen Anne's Lace kindles memories of long walks
down dusty country roads,
where gravel and potholes find comfort and home being wrapped and outlined beside your kind.
Today we find childhood and delight in a glass jar.
A piece of heart's home.
They say one person's trash is another's treasure.
While considered a noxious weed in some parts of the country,
I beg to define your weeded wonderment, dear Queen Anne's Lace,
as nothing less than the finest bloom.
Thank you for sharing your simple beauty with us today.


  1. Oh I love wild flowers! LOVE them - especially Queen Anne's Lace. But, today, it is your words that have stolen my heart with their beauty. You are a treasure my friend. I love you much!!!

  2. Yeah! You found a toothpick holder. It is beautiful and even more so if Brayden picked it out for you. Did you guys stop at another Antique Mall on the way home?