Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beautiful Things

This has become my new favorite song over the past week, week and a half. I had a really rough day yesterday...struggling with discontent and having trouble seeing past my circumstances. We've been living with my in-laws for almost 2 years now and most days I am OK with this (knowing we are on the brink of having our own place again)...but there are some days where it feels as if the walls are closing in around me. That I am nearly suffocating. That I don't know how much more of this season I can withstand. This was my yesterday...stress, weariness, discouragement, doubt. I could sense those lies and feelings creeping into my mind telling me that God is not for us, that He's forgotten us. Had to listen to my "praise" playlist over and over again to reinstate His truths into my marred perspective. Frustrating at first because if you read my previous post, I was bathing in His peace but only a breath ago. How can one drastically slide from a place of peace to a place of utter blah? I so wish we could store up His grace, but it simply cannot be done. Daily; we must gather it daily...I'm just an Israelite in the desert in need of gathering my manna each and every day. There is no storing it up. If there were, we'd lose sight of our dependence on Him and our utter need for Him with each and every breath. This song speaks to me in volumes. Each time we backslide or find ourselves in the dust and wreckage of our lives, He whispers to us, "Let me make you new. Let me make beauty from your ashes, from your dust." Lord, I thank you for this day...which was much better than the one before. Your mark was on it. May the ground and dust of my life grow to bear fruit for you. Water this dry garden and make it beautiful (for You).

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