Sunday, August 28, 2011

Now if this doesn't make you laugh...

Checking out our soon-to-be new home this past weekend, we were gone much longer than planned and had forgotten to bring a binky with us. Before we knew it, we found ourselves getting acquainted and eating lunch at one of our "new" downtown diners and had a very tired, overdue-for-nap, about-to-meltdown two-year old on our hands.
Darcy went into a novelty/gag store next to the restaurant and for $8.00 found this one-of-a- kind binky.
Lovely, huh?
And if this doesn't make you laugh?
Then this certainly will!
Yummy has decided this is her new favorite binky.
And,well...goggles certainly complete the look
wouldn't ya say?
(I knew I could get you to laugh!)
I love me a side of hilarious to go along with the "dreaded" terrible twos.


  1. We are MOST definitely cracking up over here! That Bink looks like a hillbilly mouthpiece Aron used to wear out to humiliate us makes me feel like home! lol And it looks like Yummy most definitely inherited the 'Carter-Girl' fun from her mommy!

  2. And after the week you've had...giggles are wonderful! I love it!!!

  3. Oh.My.WORD. That is so stinkin funny! LOVE that girl!