Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, so FAITHFUL!!!

Words cannot describe how overjoyed my heart is right now. Many who follow my blog are familiar with our journey...we've been living with my in-laws for almost two years now after making a radical, yet conscious decision to leave our home to help out family and pay off debt from a failed business. This has not been an easy two years. In fact, since the loss of the business, we have endured hardship, sacrifice and much turmoil at times (emotionally, spiritually and financially). Our original plan was to stay with my in-laws for approximately a year...but then God had other plans when he led us into a career move a year ago, and halted our plans in leaving their home anytime soon. I have struggled with feeling forgotten by God...that He isn't for us and hasn't heard my desperate cries. Countless times I've fallen on my knees in prayer sobbing to Him the desires of my heart. As a mom, a wife, a homemaker, my longing for our own space and a home of our own has literally caused an ache in my heart that at times nearly suffocates me.

We have been looking for a home to rent for months now. There is hardly ANYthing out there. We extended our search to another county, bumped our price up on several occasions after taking in the stark reality of the housing market right now (homes galore to buy for a steal. but scarce amount of rental properties with outrageously high monthly rent. expect to pay a mortgage payment.) Pretty much anything that is on the market to rent is scooped up quickly. We've had a couple of occasions in which we wanted to view a home and before we even got a chance to, the home had already leased out. We've grown disheartened and weary with this whole process to say the least.

Last week I nearly had an emotional breakdown. Well, OK, I did. Ask my sister...I had to escape and took the kids to her place for two nights just to get away. I was angry, tired, feeling at my wit's end with life circumstances. My patience was so thin and I was on the verge of tears 24/7. I just felt like I had no more strength to keep pushing through this season in life, that I couldn't possibly take one more step forward without help. Those thoughts that darkened my perspective this past winter crept back in and tried to convince me that God was not for us, that we were forgotten. I know this wasn't true, but boy did the enemy want to convince every bone in my body that it was. All the while, through the anger and weariness and discouragement, I was still praying and trying to trust that God would lead us to the right house at the right time.

Yesterday, a new listing came up for a rental. The owner had dropped the monthly rent by $500.00 that day! We loved the photos and asked to go see the home that day (knowing how quickly they are leased out). I fell in love with the house immediately. Immediately. So did Darcy, and so did the kids. We have looked at many homes and I have not been excited about any of them. And the kids haven't either (making statements like "I don't want to live in that house mommy.") This one made my heart skip a beat. We weren't looking for a huge perfect mansion, but a home we could be comfortable in...a home we could envision our family settling into for the next couple of years. It all just seemed too good to be true. We talked, got all our paperwork together last night and placed an offer on the home this morning (asking for even lower than the already dropped price.) I tried not to get my hopes up, but I was so excited. I tried not to feel anxious, but there were just so many details that needed to be worked through before any of these things could be approved.

Late this morning they accepted our offer and we are moving into our own home September 1st!!! Did you read that right? We are moving into our own home September 1st!!! I took the phone call and received the news while I was at the gym. I literally had to go into a bathroom stall in the ladies locker room and quietly sob long, hard, tears of joy. I still cannot believe it, and I am still crying tears of joy. This has been a long time coming.

God, oh so faithful, never forgot our family, He heard every desperate cry from my heart, He knows my deepest longings and desires, and He surprised me in a way I never could have ever expected or imagined. All of His "no's" were because He had a much grander "yes" for us. This home by far exceeds any expectation I had for our family. It's "Amanda" all the way through...built in 1927, but had an addition put on 7 years ago and many updates......hardwood floors a quaint downtown area. Charming. Perfect. And ours in just two short weeks! I am so giddy I feel like I am walking on sunshine.

Lord, I am so humbled by Your goodness...Your faithfulness moves me to tears. I've been so unfaithful to You, and undeserving of your mercy and grace. Your Word is truth. It's life-giving. Your promises do not fail. You are working all things out for our good. I have clinged to this truth throughout this season in life. Thank you, Faithful One...for not forsaking me in my weakness. For answering above and beyond my wildest expectations. I know that You are for me. I love You so.

Thank you to all who have poured prayer over me and my family over these past two years. My heart is in extreme gratitude. Once we get settled in, we are having a party and you are all invited! Although, it will not be called a "House Warming Party" will be called a "He is Faithful" party.

Here's a sneak peak:
Property Image

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28



  1. Rejoicing with you!!! I so understand every inch of this post...I think we have walked parallel journeys of the heart these past few years. Tears fill my eyes, your words are close to my heart and could be my very own. The house is lovely, a perfect haven for your family to begin to re-establish what 'home' is for you. I saw this house on the internet a few weeks ago & was charmed by it immediately...I'm so happy God arranged the timing and pricing just for your family! Can't wait to see your family flourishing within her graceful walls!

  2. So Happy For YOU!!! Love the yellow, cannot wait to see the inside. I KNOW it will soon have "amanda" shouting out in every room!!!

  3. wow, God is amazing!! I had to comment because I feel as if I am in the "winter" time in my life where God has gotten up and walked out but I know He is faithful and just seeing his blessings on you and your family do prove He's still around! Praying for an easy move and being able to relax :)

  4. Wowee! It's GORGEOUS! Yay for you guys! I'm so happy for you, Amanda. You've been such a faithful daughter of His. I have to believe He had quite a smile as you received the news that it would be yours. In two weeks! Isn't that just like our Lord? He ALWAYS goes above and beyond doesn't He? Rejoicing with you!!

  5. Yay! So, so happy for you and your family. It will be so wonderful to have your own space again! Enjoy every moment!

  6. So very happy for you! I can't wait to see all the ways that you make this house into your home. God is faithful.

  7. Amanday, your hope and renewed faith radiates from your words! Thanks for sharing this story.
    We're so excited for you guys to have that special space... that house looks amazing and is full of character! He IS faithful!

  8. I'm so happy for you and your family. I think SRR said what I want to...:)

  9. Such amazing news! And I'm so happy for you guys!!! Nothing but beautiful memories to make in your new home! Thank you for sharing this post because it speaks to my heart too...I know God has plans for us too and I'm going to continue trusting in Him, like you did. Thanks for sharing!