Monday, September 12, 2011

New Places, New Spaces...

This is a season of exploring and creating, exhaling and soaking in...
I still have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I'm dreaming or if we really do have our own place again! The 2 year wander in the wilderness has made this promised land that much grander, the milk and honey that much sweeter. For that, my heart is grateful.
With our new move, we have had fun checking out new places. I love, love, LOVE our new town! I had forgotten how much we loved living in a small downtown area. It resonates with my spirit and brings much serenity and joy to walk or ride bikes with the kids down quaint streets with historic beautiful homes and not have to worry about cars flying by at 50 miles per hour. It's nice to have hills and not have to look at strip malls and pharmacies on every corner. I love being able to walk to a restaurant for dinner with my family.
Darcy and I started out our marriage living in small downtown Dexter. We later bought an old 1920's home and renovated it in downtown Saline. We are so in our element here! I can't begin to tell you enough how good our God is...the waiting and the struggle have been worth it. His light at the end of this tunnel is shining brightly. Sometimes I feel blinded by it. I've been considering all that He has taught me over the past two long years. That will be another post.

For now, let me show you a few of my new favorite spaces.
Here's a bird's eye view of a vision that's been swirling around in my head for months! It has been so fun creating and bringing it to life. This is a wall designated for scripture and my kid's artwork.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

And here is a bird's eye view of another project that sat in my in-laws basement empty for two years.
Do you remember my post from mother's day 2 years ago? Darcy had bought me this antique cabinet. I've envisioned hanging it in my kitchen with cookbooks and kitchen/eating paraphernalia in it. I wanted to line the back of it with fun wallpaper (but i don't think it's necessary now) and put chicken wire in the door (which I'd still like to do).
It even has a perfect spot for Brayden's toothpick holder :)

And alas, another favorite space of ours is this charming treehouse in our backyard.
Welcome to pure childhood enchantment!
Lord, You are good and Your mercy endureth forever.
Thank you for these gifts.
I'm so undeserving.
Your blessings overwhelm me.


  1. Love it! It looks so homey already, Amanda! Congratulations again, and enjoy your new space.

  2. I love the things you've done! Nice blog! Thought I would say Hi!
    stop by and visit mine! :)
    Jamie Harris-Hollis

  3. YOu were born for this stuff - and I love that our faithful God has brought you HOME! He is good!

  4. it looks so "amanda" already!!! cannot wait to see it full.