Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slingshots and Necklaces...

(But not as you would imagine...)

Brooke has been taking pride in this slingshot she made a few days ago.
Tonight, she even made a special box for it.
I think part of her is after her Daddy's heart...the hunter and protector.
We started talking about how a long, long time ago, a simple, young (yet brave) boy named David allowed God to use him in a mighty way with nothing but a stone and a slingshot to kill a feared Giant named Goliath. Brooke wanted to know if the Giant was still alive,
and was disappointed ("Awe man!!!")
to learn that he was no longer, because she wanted to test out her prized possession on him.
My warrior princess.

And then we have my boy...
who, after school today nonchalantly tells me that a certain girl likes him
(and he likes her too).
I think he was testing the waters and wanted to see my reaction/approval.
As the evening progressed, so did Brayden's urgency and desire to make a necklace.
As if I should know this is top priority for a little boy on a Thursday night?
So, we quietly made this necklace together...he telling me where each and every bead should go while I helped him string them along.
While stringing and perfectly placing, our conversation expanded like our line of beads...
This necklace was for the girl that he likes.
Sweet innocence, yet a snapshot of his tender heart.
We have warriors and princesses in our household,
tonight their worlds intermixed and collided,
chasing and pursuing,
creating a beautiful story
that I'll tuck straight into the pocket of my heart...
on this ordinary Thursday night.

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