Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A can of prayers...

The kids and I embarked on a new craft project last night. I got this idea from my sister (I think she saw something similar on pinterest?) where you take a jar or can and turn it into a place to keep your prayers. You use an old soup can (ours; Cream of Chicken from last night's dinner), popsicle sticks (package of colored found for a $1.00 at Debby's Dollar), scrap paper to cover your can, and any other embellishments to jazz up your creation. Our crafting supplies all came from Debby's Dollar Store...the stickers and do-dads to make our label and the pleated ribbon ($1.00 for 25 yards of plush prettiness!)
The kids and I wrote down specific prayer requests and praises on address labels (easy to peel off and replace,) stuck them on each popsicle stick and placed them in our can. Many include things that we are thankful for, things we need help with, prayer requests such as safety for our friends grandparents on a 6 month mission trip to Zimbabwe, our sponsored child Upendo, for Grandma to have a safe and fun trip while in Philadelphia, healing of members of our church family with broken bones and cancer and struggling marriages, those affected by the earthquake in Turkey, and the family of the race car driver who just died.
At dinner time we took turns passing around the can, pulling out random sticks and praying together for these things. The kids got such a kick out of this and were so excited to do it again this morning over breakfast. Spiritually, it is helping them learn to pray, to ask God for the things we need and desire, to be thankful, and to think beyond ourselves. Educationally, it's been great for my budding first grader who is perfecting the art and skill of reading and writing.
Such an easy and inexpensive means to incorporate prayer into our daily lives in a creative and fun way. Truly a blessing we have all discovered.
You should try it!


  1. Great idea!! Great way to incorporate current events into dinner discussion, and keep the conversation from getting too silly! Love it.

  2. i love this! i saw it on pinterest a few weeks ago too! and hearing how well your kids are responding to it makes me want to do it all the more. thank you for sharing. i think I'll 'Pin It' straight from your site because I like yours even better! and I will have to get up to Debbie's Dollar soon for some of that ribbon. Let me know if there's any left after you grab some for your mom!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!!! Thanks again for sharing!