Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pulling teeth...

My "sweet" 6 year old girl came home from school today with an extra wide grin (and an extra wide gap in her mouth!) She lost her 2nd front tooth today somewhere in between reading, writing and recess. Before school this morning she was begging me to give her an apple today for snack, but I said no. (She was determined to lose this tooth, which did not seem close to being ready to come out if you ask me.) School pictures were today and I was trying to avoid the possibility of having a snaggle tooth hanging there for us to stare at in a frame on our mantle for the next year.
Dosen't she look pretty? I love the missing front teeth look. And this post could easily be about how cute and sweet she looks...but there's more to it than that! You'd think taking a quick picture would be a walk in the park, but it wasn't. A quick smile, flash and click of a button should take all of 30 seconds, right? Perhaps a minute tops if you have to accommodate for blinking, closed eyes or the like. But...taking a picture of Brookie today was more like pulling teeth! You would have thought I was literally in her mouth pulling the darn thing out myself by force. No walk in the park here. But, that's life. The simple easily becomes the complicated. The quick quickly turns into the prolonged. So, after a mommy timeout, a daughter timeout, and an actual walk in the park...we came home, tried again, and I got my shot.
Ahhhh...a day in the life of pulling teeth.
(literally and figuratively speaking, that is)


  1. She is so stinkin cute. You would never know she had given you a hard time - she beaming. LOVE her! Love YOU!

  2. How adorable! She seemed very determined to get that tooth out, and she looks proud of it. There is no doubt that she'll have a lot of fun once those permanent teeth start appearing.

    -Katia Craig