Wednesday, October 12, 2011


For Berlyn's 2nd birthday we decided to throw her a "tiny" party inviting all of her "tiny" friends. As posted previously, her party had to be postponed because Brayden was in the hospital...then came the move, school starting, etc. I already had everything ready for the party, so at the last minute decided to invite everyone over to our new home to celebrate Berlyn turning 2 before too much time had passed and I was busy planning another child's birthday party. (*note to self: although everything had already been purchased and created prior to party, do not plan on throwing a party when your husband is out of town unless you only want three hours of sleep the night before :)
Above is Berlyn's birthday invitation
(a mini birthday banner. you may need to click on to enlarge)
Below is a series of envelopes the invitations were delivered in
(the smallest one contained the actual invite).
I made these three dimensional doilies with all of the old scrapbooking paper I already had and they became the inspiration around her theme/color scheme. I actually made these before I even designed the invitation.
(saw a great DIY how hanging doilies are made of paper, but the tutorial used fabric for the inner circle parts and placed them in a nursery above a crib. Very nice.)
We had a lot of "tiny" food for all to enjoy.
(To cut back on such a lengthy post, I collaged many of the photos.)

Although it's hard to tell in the photo above, those mason jar mugs (thank you Denise!) are actually mini ones and the forks and spoons inside were mini as well (found last minute at Kroger of all places? in the paper product aisle)

I re-used Berlyn's birthday banner from last year.
Mini treat bags for our tiny guests.

The next several photos I was attempting to get a really cute photo of Berlyn by herself. She's 2, very active and would not sit still or look at the camera, and kept giving off the goofiest grin. I didn't get that "one" shot I was hoping for, but several cute ones did emerge that capture her tiny spirit.

(well, that one above is pretty cute...probably the best one of the bunch).
Where are you?!

Big hugs to our tiny guests
Wishing the day would never end...

but happy to feel such BIG love.


  1. Oh Sweet Yummy Girl ... you have my heart! Happy (late) Birthday! The Beverly's love you so!