Monday, November 14, 2011

Big girl, Big bed, Big dreams!

We have a six year old daughter who wildly sleeps like no other. Limbs sprawled and dangling, blankets and covers abandoned to the floor...a modest twin bed could not contain her. For quite some time we've wanted to move her into a larger bed and this weekend we finally did it!
We gave away our full size bed years ago and haven't gotten around to buying/finding another one for Brooke to use. However, Grandpa and Grandma had an extra queen size bed that they weren't using and we decided to give it a try (bedmaking in her room has not been easy since she tears it all apart each night with her fancy-dreamy- tossin' and turnin'). I found some clearanced sheets online and a body pillow cover to give it more of a "big girl" look. Her old bedspread fits like a charm. Her bedroom furniture is my old furniture; the headboard is for a full size bed, but I think it works! (and this morning it was a delightful breeze to make her bed...the covers hardly moved over night!)
More room for cuddles and snuggles, bedtimes stories and bedtime prayers.
"I can fit 10 of my friends in here Mama!"
That's my big girl, in her big bed, with big dreams.


  1. GO BROOKIE! I love that! Can hardly believe how fast our kids are growing! Mercy!

  2. BIG smiles for your sweet BIG girl. I must say, I keep indulging in double takes and unbelieving glances when I see her these days. She is looking ever so mature, blossoming in beauty and really reminding me more and more of you carter sisters. She is growing into a little lady, and I am loving watching her do so!

  3. sweet picture of her in her bed. hope she loves it

  4. I just love it!! (More room for mommy and daddy to snuggle in too, when necessary.) :)