Sunday, November 27, 2011

sunshine on a rainy day...

my heart wrestles with melancholy this very day.
mirroring the dreariness of today's weather.
rainy. damp. dark.
perhaps it's the beautiful letdown after spending a wonderful long Thanksgiving break with my family.
my sisters and their families came out and stayed a few days with us while we hosted Thanksgiving at our house and invited a few more extended family members to join us. 19 of us under one roof on Thursday. sisters together for 3 whole days. cousins playing with reckless abandonment. house a disaster. bellies stuffed. hearts full.
and today the house seems empty. quiet. husband's working all day...has late night's every day this week. reality setting in. i know we have a long hard week ahead of us.
so, im keeping that head of mine above water, eyes forward, searching out the blessing, choosing joy even when the melancholy is heavily pulling underneath.
finding sunshine amidst the rain.

today after church i wanted to get a photo of brooke and berlyn in their new skirts i bought them at a craft show yesterday. (I saw them at the craft show the year before, and was determined to make them part of my budget this year. very "matilda jane." just darling)
so, i began to point, aim and shoot with the camera.
and with every click of the button, a little sunshine seeped into this rainy heart as my perspective readjusted and optimism and hope stood on the horizon of the flash.

i cannot look at these photos without my heart coming alive.
my girls.
one now napping, the other playing quietly behind me as i type away.
my boy.
hard at play in his bedroom, building a whole new world in lego, before we soon get started on a "weekend procrastinated" school project that's due tomorrow.
as melancholy tries to dampen my spirit, i'm taking a moment...
breathing in three matchless blessings in the form of 8, 6 and 2.
standing under the umbrella of His grace...
this is my sunshine on a rainy day.


  1. Made me smile too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How faithful of Him to bring sunshine - SONshine - into our mucky rain. These small Blessings a reminder of His promise ... and the Heritage goes on and on. Praise Him!